The Blue Zone

Dan Beuttner along with National Geographic found that Blue Zones help people live longer, better — They study the world’s longest lived and happiest people and tell you their secrets.
If someone told you that you could live an extra 12 years and be 40% happier by making a few small lifestyle and environment changes, wouldn’t you learn more?

The Blue Zone teaches you to live longer, better. The secret these scientists found to live longer was not through diet and exercise alone. However, they found nine common characteristics of all the world’s longest living people and have discussed these as Power 9. These characteristics can help you learn increase your life by 12 good years, as well as help you feel and look younger at every age.

Nine characteristics known as Power 9
1. Just move
2. Know your purpose
3. Down shift
4. 80% rule
5. Plant slant
6. Wine at 5
7. Family first
8. Belong
9. Right tribe

To measure my current longevity and vitality I took the Blue Zone Vitality Compass which calculates biogical age, overall life expectancy, healthy life expectancy, and years your gaining/losing based on your habits. 

Results of the compass show that my biological age is 22.1 years, life expectancy 95.4 years, healthy life expectancy 78.4 years, and my blue zone years (years I have added to my life due to habits I have created) is 14.4 years!

Stay tuned to read about how the Blue Zone helps you live better, in addition to the results of my true happiness test.

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