Meet Sarah!


LH: Tell me about yourself.

SB: I am a Mom to two wonderful children and have amazingly supportive husband.  We live in Urbandale, IA.  I work in the insurance industry and love my job and feel privileged in today’s world to love what you do and the people you work with.  My family and I are avid sports fans following the Iowa Hawkeyes, San Francisco 49ers and Denver Broncos to many game each year.  

I was a life long dieter and always struggling with my weight.  For the longest time it defined me and my attitude on current situations.  I have always been extremely social and have a vast group of lifelong friends, but whatever was my current feelings towards my weight were determined whether I would attempt sometime or even felt worthy of pursuing – how sad, but true. Having children changes my attitude towards dieting and my weight. I did not want them to follow those footsteps. I want to be positive role model for their health and well being.

That is where Lindsay enters the story my personal trainer!  She changed my life by not allowing me to have any excuses when it came to my health and happiness.   On a whim, through my employer, I signed up for a 12 week fitness makeover at our corporate gym.  One I had entered maybe a few times in years that it had been open even though it was free to use the facility.  My first day with Lindsay was the horrible act of taking of your stats. Tape measures and scales!  I had lost about 20 pounds before starting the program from my highest weight and felt better than I had in recent times.  This was until the current #s were written down and the realization of what I needed to do sunk in. To my surprise the #s were not Lindsay’s focus it was getting my body moving and providing my body with the right nourishment was her main goal.

I advised Lindsay that I wanted to know how to use every piece of equipment in that gym and to be comfortable entering any other gym in the future.  That is when the transformation started.  She worked me so hard, I wanted to quit at times, I hurt in places I did not even know could hurt, but in the end I know how do everything I set out to do. I vowed on the 2nd day to never hurt this bad again from being out of shape.  3 1/2 years later I still schedule my fitness activities like I schedule meetings or my children’s swim meets.  Total transformation.

My children and husband join me in workouts, they read labels and ask if something is healthy.  We are not perfect – we eat pizza with have our cake and ice cream.  We know understand the consequences of that choice. More gym time, or a salad and slice of pizza vs. double pepperoni and cheese bread.  A kid’s sundae vs. large malt.  It is all about choices.   I walk into a room with confidence that I never hard before – thanks to Lindsay for showing me the way. 

LH: What is one of your fitness accomplishments?

SB: I am confident to walk into any gyms and get a great workout in.  I have the tools and confidence to work out anywhere from a large club, to a hotel gym, to the local park.  Lindsay took away all excuses and gave me the tools I needed to make great fitness choices regardless of where I am or what equipment is available.

LH: Personal “I did it moment”?

SB: I ran 5 miles! 

LH: Is there a personal or health challenge you have had to overcome?

SB: Losing weight and keeping it off. (approx. 60 pounds)

LH: What is your favorite “healthy” thing to eat?

SB: Fruit, salads, popcorn, nuts, yogurt

LH: Favorite “guilty” thing to eat?

SB: Chocolate chip cookie sundaes and M&Ms.   A rare treat OR order a small or kid’s sundae…

LH: Can you tell me about your favorite workout?

SB: I do not have a favorite.  I love that I have a variety of workouts from strength and cardio options to mix it up.  I loved the Tabata routine and the pyramid workout where you lift or do an exercise set 1 time, then 2 times, working your way up to 10.

LH: What is your personal fitness motto?

SB: Move!  Calories in, Calories to burn!

LH: How do you influence others to be healthier?

SB: Biggest change has been with my children. They read labels and understand serving sizes or number or servings in a package.  We also workout as a family whenever we can.  We walk when we can, or park at the back of a parking lot, or take the stairs instead of the elevator. 

LH: What is an item on your fitness bucket list?
SB: I’d like to try a mini-tri some day

A special thank you to Sarah, for sharing the greater part of 3 years training with me, growing my career, supporting my move back home, and being there as a friend. Best wishes to you and your fitness journey! I know you will do great!!

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