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Upcoming Races


May 12, 2013

Mall of America


June 1, 2013

Des Moines-Iowa

34th Annual Dam to Dam Race- 20k

July 14, 2013


What races will you run this spring/summer? Check back often to see what other races I will run!


Quick and Easy


Quick and Easy

Yoplait Strawberry Banana Smoothie

Nutrition summary:


For more protein, try adding a protein supplement such as Max Muscle, Max Pro Natural Vanilla. Not only does it taste great, but it packs a punch with 30g of protein!

This was a great breakfast substitute and started my day off right. What do you do to start your day off right?

13 Goals in 2013


Goals are dreams with deadlines.

Last year I had blogged about my New Year Resolutions.

New Years Resolution : a resolve or determination, to make a firm resolution to do something. 

This year I will be setting goals, Goal : the result or achievement toward which effort is directed; aim; end.

1. Continue my education credits to renew my certifications in CPR/AED/First-Aid and Personal Training by November 2013. This is very important to be because I pride myself upon being well educated and up to date on most things health and wellness related.

2. Run a half-marathon. I am not a runner. I do not enjoy running. I will run because I am dedicated to training, it challenges me, and it gives me something to work towards. I will run because I am unwilling to see myself fail or not live up to the expectations I have set for myself. In 2009, I set out to run my first half-marathon. I was on target to run the race at a respectable 8:00/mile pace until the day of the race when the weather had turned from a typical June day in Iowa to 40 degrees and pouring rain. Excuses, excuses I will give, however it was my mistake for never training in in-climate weather. I began the race, alone and sopping wet, shivering, and pissed off. I finished the race (well above my 8:00/mile pace),still wet, still cold, all alone, and even more pissed because not only did I not finish as I had hoped, but now I will have to try again because darn it I will not go out as a failure. Here’s to 2013!

3. Attend a cross-fit class. Fact of the matter is it looks hard as hell and if I want to be the best, I need to train like the best.

4. Drink my fruits and veggies. Smoothies are quick and easy. Drink 1 fruit/vegetable smoothie per week, any more then that is just a bonus. I need to be realistic that I get tired of having the same things over and over again, so 1x/week is just right.

5. Participate in a fun-run. Whether this be a mud run or an adventure run, I’d like to do a short race…just for fun.

6. Drink more H2O. Out with the old 8 x 8oz of water/day rule and in with drinking water based more importantly on my gender and size. (Weight in pounds x .31 for women, and .35 for men).
7. Follow my boss’s advice. “Get as strong as you physically can”. At first I was a bit reluctant to the idea, however after being at my job for 6 months, I understand where he was coming from. As a petite female, and as a personal trainer, it is important moreover for my safety and for the safety of my clients if I am comfortable lifting heavier weights and being confident in my abilities to train and spot them properly. I’d like to curl 20lb dumbbells, squat my bodyweight, and in general improve my muscle strength.
8. Be Orange. In 2011, I purchased sessions at Orange Theory Fitness as an outlet for my energy and to be told what to do for once during fitness instead of myself instructing others on what to do. I would like to use those sessions 1-2x/month for the next year.
9. Do what I love. Cheer & Dance. Practice with or tryout for an adult open cheerleading team such as Planet Spirit-Cyclones, Minnesota Extreme Team (Dance), or Minnesota Viking Cheerleaders.
10. Complete 13,000 minutes of exercise. This is just 35 minutes of exercise daily and should be easily attainable given the nature of my work (personal training) and my S.M.A.R.T goals for 2013.
11. Buy a heart rate monitor. If I am going to do all of this exercise, I better be well equipped. Time to spend a little money on a much needed and worth while device.
12. Upgrade my techonology. Specifically I need to upgrade my cellular device to that of a smart phone. Currently I am still using the LG EnV2, which was released in March 2008. Out with the old and in with the new iPhone 5!
13. Floss. Flossing is part of any healthy routine and for good reason. Flossing takes seconds, prevents plaque buildup, reduces my chances of getting gingivitis, and will keep my pearly whites white. Who doesn’t want that?

Looking Back, Moving Forward


Looking back at my 2012 resolutions, let me begin by saying no amount of excuses will get me any closer to reaching my goals…but


So let me be honest with you on whether or not I have achieved 2012 resolutions:

1. Start a blog- Check! It began as a way for me to express myself, my knowledge, and my passion, today it has made me more marketable in my career and helped me reach others I otherwise would never had the chance to.

2. Fit in fitness for myself- Check! Although I have not gone back to a dedicated regimen and diet plan, I have made an effort to workout entirely for myself either before or after work a few times a week in addition to being a physically active for work full time as a personal trainer.

3. Go to church- Check! Again, this could be marked unchecked as I have not found a permanent church home, however I think attending a variety of churches has been intellectually stimulating, religiously adventurous, and great for my own exploration and relationship with my Savior.

4. Immerse myself in a new culture; be that through language, cuisine,  or travel- Unfortunately no. There is no explanation for my selfishness or inability to look outside what I already know and understand.

5. Focus on family- Check! No questions on this one, pretty sure moving from Iowa to Minnesota checks this one off my list as I am back in the area where I grew up.

6. Help others- No once again. The resolution as a whole was too vague to quantify or decide on whether or not this has been accomplished. In the future I hope to go on a mission trip, build a home with Habitat for Humanity or volunteer with Extreme Home Makeover, Feed the Hungry at a Soup Kitchen, or join some other philanthropic local group.

7. Start a new hobby (golfing, quilting, rock climbing, etc)- Check! The key word in last years resolution was start. That being said, I have started knitting in the very earliest form of knitting…I have exactly one row of stitches “cast on” to my knitting needle, the official row 1, has left me frustrated with my knitting efforts.

8. Mind my own health–doctor, dentist, optometrist- I am going to leave this unchecked as I have only managed to set one dentist appointment, and have around 3 more before I am back on a regular dentist check-up and maintenance schedule….these darn wisdom teeth need to be removed first! OUCH.

9. Become financially savvy- With the Fiscal Cliff looming over America’s head, I would like to believe that I have taken more interest in becoming more financially savvy, however I am fairly certain that I could do more…a lot more in becoming more savvy.

10. Become eco-friendly…reduce, reuse, recycle- Check! I have reduced my carbon footprint significantly with the move to Minnesota, cutting my commute time of 3 hours/day down to 30 minutes/day, and that is being generous. In addition, my new townhouse living has both garbage and recycling pick-up which makes me feel just that much better. Next step, using more filtered water and less bottled waters. For more recycling tips go to: