Tour de [Nationwide]


My job is to make the employees of Nationwide Insurance happier, healthier, and more productive. That being said, in our corporate fitness center we encourage our members to be active through incentive programs, group fitness classes, small group training, personal training, etc.

This quarter, we decided to run an incentive program called Tour de Nationwide! This incentive program runs throughout the month of July as does the Tour de France. The Nationwide spin-off consists of:

The Goal

As a team of 6, accumulate minutes of exercise/miles to meet the daily mileage goal!

For example Day 1 is 123 miles to get to Seraing- Your team needs to meet the 123 miles to complete the daily mileage goal and get to Seraing! The next day you move onto a new city with a new mileage goal.

Complete as many cities to win the Tour de Nationwide!!

The Twist

Each day there is a geographical location based on terrain- Plain, Medium Mountain or High Mountain, these terrains correlate with the actual Tour de France.  Your team must follow the exercises/fitness activities based on these guidelines. We provided our members with an activity conversion chart (i.e. Plain= biking, walking, or elliptical).

The Rules

Miles do not roll over into the next day however we will total up the miles for your team at the end.

-One city per day.
-Activities must be recorded by 8:30 AM the following day to count for your team.
-In order for the mileage to count for the day, exercises must correlate with the daily terrain.
-Winners will be based on number of completed cities-

Team Time Trials

In addition to the daily mileage, there are also two unique team challenges.

July 12- 6 minute plank challenge, time may be accumulated throughout team members to total 6 minutes

July 26- Wall sit relay, 10 consecutive minutes of wall-sit, may be divided amongst team members

Photos from 1st Team Time Trial- Plank






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