10 Things You Should Know…


This post is dedicated to my little/big sister Kara, whom refuses to read my blog because she believes it is only about being fit, and she does not like to exercise…so why should she read my posts?!

10 Things you should know about me if we are going to be bff’s

1. I was born in Kansas City-Missori, grew up in Minnesota, and reside in Iowa…Mid-Western Girl through and through.

2. I drink Mountain Dew almost every day

3. In my dreams I am a perfect house-wife who knows how to sew on buttons, knit, bake beautiful desserts, and wears high heels and an apron while she cooks. In reality I do not know how to sew, knit, I do bake–though not beautifully and I normally make a huge mess (maybe I should consider getting an apron)

4. Have you ever heard of a quarter-century crisis? Let me be the first to tell you it is real

5. My family which appears to be your typical conservative, Christian, mid-western, upper-middle class family is anything but…we are all lunatics (& I love them for it)

6. I have never had a real Christmas tree–my dad is allergic to pine trees, so I grew up with an artificial tree and continue to have artificial even though I own my own home

7. I have a small dose of OCD…yes things are always alphabetical, color coded, and labeled

8. I learned how to yodel when I was 12 or 13

9. I am a “sainted pit bull”, I am nice/good 90% of the time but do not cross me

10. I wish I could be both a winter and summer games Olympian. Just think I could be the next Shawn Johnson (recently retired) or Lindsey Jacobellis.


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