Post Cookies Workout


Yesterday I mentioned and posted about a batch of delicious, warm, chocolate chip cookies that were delivered to me at work…it not only satisfied my sweet tooth but kept me motivated for my workout.

Post Cookies Workout

20 minutes on the stairmaster
(you can substitute running stairs of your parking garage, house, local track/football field)

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Complete 3 sets of 12-15 repetitions on the following exercises…

Plie squat with calf raise

Staggered push-up

Walking lunges

Mountain climbers (slow)

Plank (hold for minimum of 1 minute)


Followed by these additional core exercises:

25 Crunches on the exercise ball

25 Oblique crunches on the exercise ball/ each direction

25 In-N-Outs (just as it sounds…ask for more details if needed)

25 Scissors/Windmills (dropping one leg to 6 inches off the floor, keeping the other leg positioned towards the ceiling, then switch legs)

25 Toe touch crunches

25 Reverse crunches

25 Full sit-ups

25 Russian Twists


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