National Employee Health and Fitness


From 1989-present, tens of thousands of employees have engaged in National Employee Health and Fitness DayNEHF is a great way to kickoff fitness and wellness programs that complement the existing. Worksite wellness centers and programs have proven to benefit the employer through increased employee productivity, lower health care costs, fewer sick days, and a decrease in worksite injuries. These programs benefit the employee by lowering stress, increasing well-being, self-image, improved stamina, and job satisfaction.

On Tuesday, March 20th, we at Nationwide Insurance celebrated our own Employee Health and Fitness Day with an 80’s theme! Our event included 80’s music,  drawings for prizes for those dressed in 80’s attire, 80’s inspired group fitness classes, a circuit set-up around the 2,500 square foot gym, and a trivia wall!

See if you know the answer to some of our 80’s trivia questions…answers will be below.

1. Who created step aerobics and in what year?

2. What 80’s fitness expert sought to build gyms for those who weren’t already in shape, wrote 9 books, and has 50 fitness videos?

3. What 80’s aerobics class mixed jazz dance choreography, aerobic muscle training, and stretching?

4. In 1982, what female fitness icon sold 17 million of her fitness home video?

5. What 80’s fitness must-have was originally worn by dancers to keep muscles warm, but became a hot accessory?

Amy F

Michael C
Program Manager

Fitness Professional
Answers to 80’s trivia…
1. Gin Miller in 1989- A competitive gymnast during college, she had many overuse injuries in consequence of high-impact aerobics. Her physical therapist had her step up and down on a milk box to fortify and rehabilitate the muscles of her knee. Rather than a milk box, she used her porch steps and included aerobic music to break the silence and reduce boredom. This simple concept gave rise to the famous way of exercise we know today as step aerobics.

2. Richard Simmons

3. Jazzercise- Although invented in the 60’s, it boomed in the 80’s and is making a comeback today!

4. Jane Fonda

5. Leg warmers


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  1. Lindsay

    Love that Nationwide/Allied has a fitness center and YOU! 50+ pounds down and we are still going strong. Cheers to the best trainer ever. Thank. You for changing my life.


  2. Emily, thank you for your comment! Of course you can pick my brain about my job and whatever else you need to. Since I am putting myself out there on the world wide web, the best thing I can do is help someone in health/wellness!

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