Live Better. Live Happier.


Live Better. Live Happier.

I have re-blogged my own page! I thought this may be easier to find if it was a post rather then a page…so here you go-enjoy and live better. Live happier.

Blue Zones and Thrive have found 6 data-backed parts of the world where people are the happiest. There are 6 key areas in which the Blue Zones have identified to change in order to make our surroundings more favorable.

1. Community

2. Workplace

3. Social Life

4. Financial Life

5. Home

6. Self

The compass is composed of an array of questions regarding your experienced life, remembered life, and your environment. As with all grades, you can only expect that I would put up the best: Grade A!

About your grade:You scored high in both remembered and experienced happiness. You feel competent, independent, and have good relationships with friends — all key factors to your happiness. Your positive attitude reflects your desire and ability to thrive on a day-to-day basis. Continue to support your healthy self-image by making improvements to your home and spending time on activities that truly interest you.

Personalized Recommendations

Toss Your TV Habit

Worldwide studies show that TV-watching does bring some happiness, but only if you limit your time to 30-60 minutes a day. Own only one TV, and put it in an out-of-the-way place in your home. Ideally, the TV should be behind cabinet doors so that watching TV is an intentional (and limited) activity, not a reflexive one.

Sleep 7-9 Hours

Research from psychologists shows that you need 7.5 – 9 hours of sleep a day to maximize your well-being. Getting fewer than 6 hours a night can make you 30% less happy than you could be. Optimize your bedroom for sleeping by relieving it of clutter, lowering the thermostat to 62 degrees, eliminating all light sources, and banning all TV or computer screens.

Spend Smarter

People who avoid debt are happier than those with bills hanging over their heads. Avoid stress by using cash instead of credit cards whenever possible, and enroll in an automatic savings or investment plan for long-term, worry-free happiness.

Hang Out with Happy People

Certain moods and behaviors are contagious. Keeping this in mind, consider how positive or negative the people you spend the most time with are. If you can’t think of a friend with positive attributes, then it’s time to widen your social circle.

See the Sun

Sunlight prompts the body to manufacture endorphins that give you a feeling similar to a runner’s high, and promotes the manufacture of vitamin D. Maximize your sunlight by creating outdoor areas for basking and big, south-facing windows for indoor sunlight. While it’s difficult to get enough quality sunlight through the window for vitamin D production, the filtered sunlight hitting your retina will still help raise your spirits.

Want to know how you add up? Take the True Happiness Compass.


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