How can someone be blindsided by politics if they are not informed?

Growing up in a fairly conservative, traditional, Christian family I was told that my moral values best connect with the Republican party. However, as a young adult forming my own opinions, morals, and values I have come to realize that my stance is neither Republican nor Democrat.

With politics in the forefront as the Republican party is searching for their Presidential candidate it is hard NOT to be informed. For those who want an easy fix to finding the candidate for you, USA Today provides a candidate match game that asks questions based on different topics ranging from Afghanistan to Health Care, Gay Marriage and Climate change.

The results are in…the candidate that most matches my political stance is Barack Obama on 7 of 11 issues. When comparing these results with another candidate match game, my results posted 35% for Tim Pawlenty. The race is heating up with celebrity endorsements, State Caucuses, debates, and more. Educate yourself, be informed to make a conscious decision to vote!


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  1. I am really surprised that your political stance closely matches Obama. As you have grown up, I must have missed something along the way that would sway you to agree with our current President on anything. He is driving our country into ruins.

    • Mom,
      As always you did a fantastic job raising me (if I may so, myself)! But with all things we all are entitled to our opinion. As someone who in the past has not followed much of politics, I have taken interest as the next election will be my first time casting my vote. To learn more about each candidate and where my stance lies in comparison to theirs I found this neat quiz on USA Today Maybe you will be as suprised as I was following the quiz.

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